New 8X8 album, ‘Inflorescence’, is being mastered. Twelve excellent new songs written and performed by Lane Steinberg and Alexander Khodchenko, three years in the making. Songs titles are…  1. Stop The Madman
2. My Summertime High
3. TMC
4. After All Is Said And Done
5. Bubbles
6. Head, Heart, & Tail
7. No More Second Chance
8. The 6:53
9. Between The Double Curtain
10. Mother Nuance
11. Some Surreal Idea
12. Perspective

8X8’s previous album, ‘Azalea’s Room’ will be released on Sugarbush Records in the UK in May.

Lane’s next solo album, ‘No Stopping Any Time’, will be available in June. New collaborations with David Grahame, R. Stevie Moore, and David Foster in process.

Upcoming Shows:

June 7th – Blonde & Blonde Tribute at HiFi in NYC (Guitar, vocals)

June 15th – Squeeze Tribute at HiFi in NYC (Vocals)