After three years of countless sound files and emails flying back and forth between Kiev and New York, Alexander Khodchenko and I are proud to announce the release of our third 8X8 album, ‘Inflorescence’. CD’s can be ordered here.

Mp3’s available here. LP available through Sugarbush UK in October. Here’s the sampler.



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The long-awaited third album by 8X8, Inflorescence, will be released on CD and available for doliwnload in August. The vinyl LP will be released on Sugarbush Records in the UK in early October. Click here to hear a sampler of the upcoming album.

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Murderers’ Row Vs. Foster & Steinberg (7/3/16)

I have been writing songs with fellow Murderers’ Row member, David Foster, and a bunch of these were premiered at the Treehouse @ 2A on 7/3/16. Each song was sung by a different murderer, and the crack band, as usual, over delivered. Hopefully these will be recorded this coming fall. Clips are up here.

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Murderers’ Row Vs. Blonde On Blonde (6/7/16)

Murderers’ Row is a semi-loose connection of musicians and friends who tackle classic albums and give them their own spin. I play guitar and sing in this combo. On 6/7/16 we took on Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’. The place was jammed and a most enjoyable time was had by hall. Clips are up here.

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8X8 – Azalea’s Room on RED VINYL!


8X8’s AZALEA’S ROOM (300 copies on red vinyl) available from Sugarbush records, free postage worldwide, £18.99 all inclusive per copy. Buy yours now!

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NEWS – 4/29/16


New 8X8 album, ‘Inflorescence’, is being mastered. Twelve excellent new songs written and performed by Lane Steinberg and Alexander Khodchenko, three years in the making. Songs titles are…

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Beatle Dog
Lane Steinberg & Roy Abrams
Beatles Songbook
10/25 – Sunday, 3-6pm
Red Pipe Cafe
71-60 Austin St.
Forest Hills, NY
Lane Steinberg Quartet
11/6 – Friday, 9:45
Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Wild Honey Project
Performing the Beach Boys ‘Wild Honey’ album
11/15 – Sunday, 9pm
25 Ave. A (upstairs)
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In process:

A solo album, 3rd 8X8 record with Alexander Khodchenko, a new collaboration with R. Stevie Moore.

ALSO, three live performances coming up. Mark your calendars!

#1. Wednesday, October 14th, 8pm HiFi, 169 Avenue A, New York, New York 10009

Hard hitting power pop set curated by Trouser Press editor Ira Robbins. Band is Lane Steinberg ( the Wind ) and Keith Hartel ( Richard Lloyd) on guitars , Tom Shad on bass and musical director , Carl Baggaley (elk city ) on keys and Tom Curiano ( Garland Jeffries ) on drums .

Vocalists include Tammy Faye Starlight , Mike Fornatale , Jahn Xavier , Renee Lobue ( Elk city ) , Verena Wiesendanger , John Brodeur , Amy Cabot and Lenny Zenith ( Tenterhook)

#2. International Pop Overthrow.  Brooklyn.

Lane Steinberg Quartet  Friday, November 6. 9:45, Bar Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222

#3. I will be participating in a performance of the Beach Boys album, Wild Honey, with a cast of characters including Tom Shad, Dave Foster, Dennis Diken, Mike Fornatale, Lane Steinberg, Charles Roth, and Mary Spencer Knapp.
This will be a blast.
Sunday, November 15
The Treehouse at 2A

25 Ave A (Upstairs), New York, New York 10009


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Great time in Nashville working on new music with R. Stevie Moore and Roger Ferguson at the controls.rsm roger

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Lane & Rebecca

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