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NEW! Cheeks Were Blooming

1545239963-1Lane’s new solo album, ‘Cheeks Were Blooming’, is available now on Bandcamp
Download it here – http://lanesteinberg.bandcamp.com/album/cheeks-were-blooming

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Mustafio 2

3164534545-1The Album Mustafio 2 is now available on Bandcamp

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Where It’s At With The Wind

4224791555-1The Album Where It’s At With The Wind is now available on Bandcamp

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NEW! Lane’s Latest Album 8X8

4224791555-1NEW! Lane’s latest album is called 8X8 – ‘The Anatomy Of An Apricot’. 8X8 is his collaboration with Kiev musician, Alex Khodchenko. The two have never met, live in different parts of the world and speak different languages. This exciting project was created exclusively via file sharing over a two year period, and is for now available exclusively via download through their bandcamp site: eightbyeight.bandcamp.com

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Thrift Store Records & Cheap Red Wine

resizeTHRIFT STORE RECORDS & CHEAP RED WINE :: Johnny Mathis – Live It Up (1962) & Chateau Lascombes Margaux (2002):
I sometimes associate relatives and friends through certain records in their collections of yore: my dad’s Latin lp’s, like George Shearing’s ‘Latin Affair,’ Cal Tjader’s ‘Soul Sauce,’ and Stan Getz’s, ‘Jazz Samba,’ albums he’d always spin on weekends when they’d entertain friends. Read the article on yourbeernetwork.com

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