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8X8 Band – Azalea’s Room New Release


buy Some words about 8X8’s debut album, 2011’s ‘The Anatomy Of An Apricot’

buy -Trip Inside This House

-The Active Listener

– Now Ear This

– Powerpopaholic


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Gary Pig Gold’s Best of 2012

grahame_steinGrahame Steinberg debut CD made Gary Pig Gold’s best of 2012! Click here to see the list.

Click to purchase

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Top 50 New Albums of 2012

resize-2Brazil’s Power Pop Station named 8X8 (The Anatomy Of An Apricot”) #11 and¬†Grahame Steinberg #15 to the top 50 best albums of 2012. View the full list here.

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The Wind Reunion Album

the_wind_tmbWork continues on The Wind reunion album and the upcoming 8X8 album, “Springtails”.

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Sobs In December (Preview) – Cracked Latin

A new Cracked Latin video just appeared, a teaser for a soon-to-be completed piece. Animation is by Serge Volsky.

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The Red Wine Haiku Review

resize-1Been updating The Red Wine Haiku quite a bit more in the past few months, and I plan to continue to do so. Check it out here

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Lane Steinberg: Pop’s Stunt Double

resizeWriting this post pains me. And it will pain you too, deeply, if only you’d let it. It hurts me because I am not sure all Pig State Recon readers – or even PSR family members – will agree with what I have to say. But say it, I must.
Read the article on mrowster.wordpress.com >

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New Collaboration with David Grahame

grahame_steinLane’s latest album is a collaboration with his old schoolmate, David Grahame. They haven’t been in the same room for decades, but that hasn’t stopped them from making one helluva debut.

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Lane Steinberg & His Magical Pony

generic viagra available in usa JUST RELEASED! ‘After Taxes’ is the first single from Lane’s upcoming album
www FREE DOWNLOAD FOR NOW. If you want it, grab it! – http://lsandhismagicalpony.bandcamp.com

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NEW! Wall of Orchids

654864681-1NEW! Lane’s new solo album, ‘Wall of Orchids’, is available now on Bandcamp
Download it here – http://walloforchids.bandcamp.com/

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