azalea-1thmb8X8 is the unique and mystical collaboration between Lane Steinberg (New York, US) and Alex Khodchenko (Kiev, UKR). The two met in the Myspace days and have since developed an intuitive working relationship despite the fact that they have neither met nor ever spoken. At first listen, one could file under ‘Psychedelic Popular’, but the strength of the compositions and performances are the real tribute to their influences. ‘Azalea’s Room’, their 2nd collection, has been two years in the making. The title track typifies the kinetic 8X8 energy with its Arabic sounding melody set to a jungle groove with lyrics describing a seaside refuge belonging to a woman who makes a fantastic cup of tea. What follows are songs about star-crossed werewolves, cold war-era spies, a retiring obstetrician, a person trying to erase their identity from the internet…the usual rock n’ roll subject matter. It closes with a cover of ‘Tears of Rage’, by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel. The idea to do the song was batted around one evening with R. Stevie Moore, who plays bass on the track. It’s a bittersweet ending to an album of impressionistic nostalgia via loping grooves and enchanting melodies.

Azalea’s Room Oct 15th. Release
Some words about 8X8’s debut album, 2011’s ‘The Anatomy Of An Apricot’

“Amazing Sounds”
-Trip Inside This House

-The Active Listener

“A stunning piece of work”
– Now Ear This

“This isn’t simply music you listen to – you let it wash over you like a lush warm breeze.”
– Powerpopaholic