8X8 Band – Azalea’s Room New Release

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http://onlinecanadadrugsclub.accountant here Some words about 8X8’s debut album, 2011’s ‘The Anatomy Of An Apricot’

brand -Trip Inside This House

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– Now Ear This

– Powerpopaholic

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Gary Pig Gold’s Best of 2012

grahame_steinGrahame Steinberg debut CD made Gary Pig Gold’s best of 2012! Click here to see the list.

Click to purchase

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Top 50 New Albums of 2012

resize-2Brazil’s Power Pop Station named 8X8 (The Anatomy Of An Apricot”) #11 and¬†Grahame Steinberg #15 to the top 50 best albums of 2012. View the full list here.

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The Wind Reunion Album

the_wind_tmbWork continues on The Wind reunion album and the upcoming 8X8 album, “Springtails”.

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Sobs In December (Preview) – Cracked Latin

A new Cracked Latin video just appeared, a teaser for a soon-to-be completed piece. Animation is by Serge Volsky.

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The Red Wine Haiku Review

resize-1Been updating The Red Wine Haiku quite a bit more in the past few months, and I plan to continue to do so. Check it out here

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Lane Steinberg: Pop’s Stunt Double

resizeWriting this post pains me. And it will pain you too, deeply, if only you’d let it. It hurts me because I am not sure all Pig State Recon readers – or even PSR family members – will agree with what I have to say. But say it, I must.
Read the article on mrowster.wordpress.com >

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New Collaboration with David Grahame

grahame_steinLane’s latest album is a collaboration with his old schoolmate, David Grahame. They haven’t been in the same room for decades, but that hasn’t stopped them from making one helluva debut.

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Lane Steinberg & His Magical Pony

http://cilaiscialis20mgcoupons.accountant click here JUST RELEASED! ‘After Taxes’ is the first single from Lane’s upcoming album
http://tadalafil.accountant here FREE DOWNLOAD FOR NOW. If you want it, grab it! – http://lsandhismagicalpony.bandcamp.com

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NEW! Wall of Orchids

654864681-1NEW! Lane’s new solo album, ‘Wall of Orchids’, is available now on Bandcamp
Download it here – http://walloforchids.bandcamp.com/

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